Mission and values

Our mission and values

CRH is a long-term and responsible partner that appreciates and respects its employees, contractors, customers and partners, has social responsibility to the society and the state, and applies the best international practices of doing business.

Health & Safety

Safety is the main priority of the CRH Group around the world. The Company responsibly complies with the laws and all regulations of the industry so as to continuously improve the health and safety of not only its employees but also of their families, friends, customers and partners.

Environmental protection and combating climate change

The company cares about the environment by continually investing in the new equipment at its enterprises, thus not only improving and enhancing of its own production process, but also minimising the harmful emissions of its operations into the air (for example, by switching to dry method of cement production at Podilskiy Cement JSC).

The CRH Group is also taking efforts to combat climate change, and therefore prefers railway to motor roads, recycles production waste, uses carbon-neutral raw materials and fuels.

Doing our business with integrity

CRH has a policy of doing business with integrity and in absolute compliance with the law, and calls on all its partners to follow the corporate Code of Business Conduct.

People development

The Company guarantees opportunities for developing and training to all employees without exception regardless of their age, gender, creed, etc. Everyone has the right to learn and grow as a personality and as a professional in their field.

 Customer orientation

Customer satisfaction and focus on customer needs are the Company's top priorities while working with people. One of the basic principles of work is that our customers are our partners who we should listen to, hear their needs and strive to meet these needs. That way, we create loyal long-term friends.

Collaboration with communities and other stakeholders

CRH is an integral part of the society in which it operates, so it definitely adheres to the fundamental principles of corporate social responsibility and consistently implements various initiatives in the fields of health and safety, environmental protection and education.