Health and safety

The CRH Group as a socially responsible business recognises health and safety (H&S) as a top priority in its activities.

Each year the Group does its best to implement the long-term H&S Strategy consisting in building a full-scale H&S culture at all plants of the Company. The main criterion is having zero accidents in production.

First of all, the Company invests into the automation of the workplaces and modernisation of the infrastructure inside the enterprises providing its people with all required personal and collective protective equipment. In particular, it implements common corporate safety rules “16 Life Saving Rules”, which, in particular, cover the following:

  • Guarding the moving parts of the process machinery and mechanisms
  • Isolation of hazardous energy
  • Transport safety and transportation of people
  • Risk minimisation for work at height, etc.

In addition, all the employees of the Company's plants as well as contractors systematically go through high-quality interactive H&S trainings where each participant consolidates the gained knowledge by practising and thus retaining over 90% of the learning material. For example, CEMENT LLC (Odesa) has organised a specialised first aid training for its staff where people could practise on a dummy modelling a human body.

PrJSC Mykolaivcement has spread its good H&S practices outside the plant and organized road safety trainings for about 200 first-year pupils of the schools in  Mykolaiv, Lviv region, where the kids played to physically learn how to cross the road at a zebra crossing, read the road signs and traffic lights signals.