The CRH Environmental Policy

І. Introduction, Purpose and Scope

CRH is committed to ensuring that sustainability principles are embedded across all operations. With ever increasing demands on world resources and mounting pressures on the global climate, we believe it is important to focus on achieving continuous improvement in standards of environmental management and control, addressing our environmental risks and reducing potential impacts. This will ensure we play our part in protecting the environment.
We work with stakeholders including customers and the wider building materials industry to promote emissions reducing and resource efficiency. Our climate strategy, which is integrated with our business strategy, seeks to provide building solutions that reduce and promote climate resilience, recognizing the long-term durability and carbon benefits of concrete construction, as well as reducing our direct carbon dioxide emissions.

Our Environmental Policy demonstrates our commitment to laws, regulations and policies concerning environmental issues and forms the foundation of continual environmental improvements to be made across our Group.
Because the diversity of our businesses, impacts can very. However, in all cases, our aim is to optimise environmental performance, with environmental targets in place both at Group and operating companies.

II. Statement of Policy

The CRH Environmental Policy, applied across operating companies, is to:

  • Comply, at a minimum, with all applicable environmental legislation and continually improve environmental management, always striving to meet or exceed industry best practices standards, monitoring and reporting performance to ensure Policy compliance.
  • Maintain open communication and ensure that our employees and contractors adhere to their environmental responsibilities.
  • Proactively address the challenges and opportunities of climate change.
  • Reduce emissions and optimise our use of energy, water, land and other resources.
  • Promote sustainable product and process innovation and new business opportunities.
  • Develop positive relationships with stakeholders and strive to be good neighbours in every community in which we operate.
  • Ensure compliance with requirements listed in Section VII of this Policy.

III. Roles and Responsibilities

Our Environmental policy must be applied rigorously across all of our companies. There are clear lines of responsibility through operational management, the Group Chief Executive, the safety and Social Responsibility Committee and ultimately the CRH Board.Працівники зобов’язані:

Employees must:

  • Read and understand their obligations under this Policy.
  • Participate in relevant training programmes.
  • Notify their managers or local environmental manager of potential or actual violations of environmental permits, regulations or policies. Alternatively, employees can communicate their concerns without fear of retaliation via the CRH Hotline facility, a confidential, multilingual service operating 24/7.

Company management must:

  • Be accountable for their effective day-to-day implementation of this Policy in order to achieve compliance and excellence in environmental management across all our operating locations.
  • Appoint, as appropriate, environmental managers to implement best practices and engage with Group and Divisional initiatives.
  • Report all serious environmental incidents to the relevant senior manager as soon as possible.

IV. Monitoring, Assurance and Breach Reporting

Managers at CRH are responsible for implementing the Environmental Policy. They appoint environmental liaison officers/managers to provide expert advice. This network of environmental liaison officers/managers is supported by regional and Group specialists and assist operational managers to achieve excellence in environmental management. Environmental performance must be measured throughout our businesses and reviewed by senior management to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) or targets as set out.
Environmental incidents deemed to be significant must be reported to senior management, Group HSE Directors, and in certain instances, to Group Corporate Affairs, to ensure that risks are being appropriately managed.

Managers at CRH will support Group Sustainability through the annual Environmental Review data collection process to monitor the implementation of the Environmental Policy and confirm that potential environmental risks are being appropriately managed.
Compliance with this Policy will form part of the ongoing programme of Internal Audit (IA) reviews. Matters identified will be reported to the relevant stakeholders, including the Audit Committee, in accordance with the IA Charter. Failure to comply with this Policy, either intentionally or through negligence, may result in
disciplinary procedures being fully enforced, including termination of employment and/or relevant contracts.
Suspected or actual breaches of this Policy may be reported confidentially via the CRH Hotline.

V. Supplementary Documentation

  • Guidelines for Biodiversity and Extractive Sites Restoration.
  • Management Plans.
  • Guidelines on Water Monitoring.
  • Sustainability Report.

VI. Requirements Checklist

Note: Newly acquired companies must have an action plan for compliance in place within a reasonable time after final acquisition (for example 60 to 90 days)

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