CRH undertakes a great social responsibility, strives to be a reliable employer and extensively collaborates with communities in terms of sponsorship by investing into the development of its people and the well-being of the local inhabitants.

The management understands that the success of the Company depends on the skilled staff, their motivation, safe and comfortable conditions of work and recreation. For instance, the Odessa cement plant has received the new locker and shower rooms as well as a canteen enabling the proper occupational hygiene and nutrition for the staff. Thorough repairs have also been done to the amenities and canteens at plants in Kamyanets-Podilsky and Mykolaiv of Lviv region, where the Company has ensured quality nutrition at its own cost.

CRH strives to be a good and responsible neighbour, therefore it closely collaborates with the local communities helping them to solve their urgent basic social needs. For example, the sponsorship has been allocated to the projects related to human health and safety. In particular,

  • A state-of-the-art X-ray unit, an infant incubator, laparoscopic equipment purchased, the wards and the roof repaired in the Mykolaiv central district hospital in Lviv region
  • Thorough repairs done to the paddling pool Froggy and a larger pool for the school-age kids and adults in the sports and health centre Yuvileiny
  • The purchase of medical equip,ent for therapeutic department of the  Kamyanets-Podilsky city hospital #1 etc.

The Company has been awarded time and again with the diploma for its corporate social responsibility cases within the scope of the National Contest, which is organized by the CSR Development Center.