Concrete RMX and precast

The Polibeton Group offers ready-mixed concrete and over 400 kinds of precast products for civil, public, industrial and infrastructural construction.

The Polibeton™ Group includes

  • Lvivsky Beton LLC
  • Shchyretsky Precast Concrete Plant LLC

Using its own raw materials base, the Group ensures the quality of its products and its compliance with the established standards.

The professionals from the certified Polibeton's laboratory monitor the quality of ready-mixed concrete and precast concrete goods at all production stages, including construction sites.

To order ready-mixed concrete and/or precast concrete goods via the electronic form, use the function "Order building materials" or go to the Catalogue.

See the plant's contact details here and on the Contacts tab.

Lvivsky Beton LLC, Shchyretsky Precast Concrete Plant LLC. 1 Gruntova Str., Lviv, 79066, Ukraine
Phone: +38 (032) 245 47 81