Anti-Counterfeit Campaign

According to the Ukrainian Cement Producers' Association Ukrcement, about 50% of today's market of bagged cement is occupied by counterfeits. This means that every second purchased bag may be a fake.

As a rule, counterfeit cement attracts customers by its lower price. Besides, it may be sold in bags either with the bagger’s logo or with the falsified logo of the manufacturer. Such a saving is absolutely ill-founded, for improper quality of cement may lead to high costs, whether due to low durability of buildings and structures or as a result of risks for human health and life.

By purchasing counterfeit cement, a consumer is almost 100% guaranteed to receive cement with the following defects:

  • inadequacy of the declared cement type (cement type 400 or even 300 instead of 500)
  • underweight of over 1–5 kg compared to what is stated on the bag, while the standard stipulates that the net weight tolerance for a bag of cement must not exceed 2% (i.e. 25 kg ± 0.5 kg; 50 kg ± 1 kg)
  • cement mixed with various additives such as ash, sand and even components which are hazardous to human health.

In order to protect yourself from low-quality products and unnecessary costs, always:

  • buy only original cement bagged by the manufacturer and only at the authorised points of sale
  • ask the seller to show you the quality certificate for the product.‚Äč