The Polibeton Group of companies entered the domestic construction market in 2008. In Western Ukraine, it is represented by several large plants producing ready-mixed concrete and precast goods, in particular:

  • Shchyretsky Pre-Cast Plant LLC
  • Lvivsky Beton LLC
  • Drohobytsky Precast Concrete Plant  PJSC

Using its own raw materials base, the company ensures the quality of its products and its compliance with the established standards. The professionals from the certified Polibeton's laboratory monitor the quality of concrete and precast goods at all production stages, including construction sites.

The Polibeton Group of companies offers more than 400 precast products for civil, public, industrial and infrastructural construction. The range is constantly updated according to the market needs.



In October 2008, the company started a highly technological production of piles with a section of 35 cm x 35 cm, 16 m long or composite (lengthwise) that has no analogues in Western Ukraine.

In August 2010, the Group put into operation a highly technological line for production of tram slabs that absorb the noise of a travelling tram almost completely. There is a foundation block production line operating with the capacity of 15 m3/h.

The company uses state-of-the-art concrete-mixing units with computer-aided dosing. The capacity of the three plants is 220 m3/h. At the same time, there is a possibility to work 24 hours a day in three shifts with "night" concreting.

The fleet of motor vehicles consists of 18 mixing trucks, all of them being equipped with GPS. In 2012, the company bought the largest-in-the-region concrete pump with a height of lift of 42 m.

In 2014, the laboratory specialists developed and tested the concrete of grade 1000 (ultra-high-performance concrete), which is a unique product for Western Ukraine.

The largest amount of concrete poured at a time:  1,531m3. The total volume of  produced concrete: 467,000 m3

Certificates and awards:

The products are certified in accordance with the state standards.

Today, a number of powerful domestic and foreign companies are the customers of the Polibeton Group and use its products and services in major construction projects.