PrJSC Bekhivsky Specialised Quarry is one of the best granite extraction and crushed stone production companies in Ukraine. It has been part of CRH since 2006 and has operated the Bekhiv granite deposits since 1937.

PrJSC Bekhivsky Specialised Quarry complies with the highest international health and safety standards and cares about the welfare of its employees and the communities.

In 2014, the company installed a modern crushing and screening Metso plant to enables the production of high quality crushed stone of various fractions. The products are dispatched by railway and motor transport. After finishing the construction of a new loading facility, the company is able to load specialised wagons (grain hoppers, cement hoppers, etc.), which reduces transportation costs.  The products are sold both on the national and international markets.



Granite crushed stone

PrJSC Bekhivsky Specialised Quarry produces

-     crushed stone, fractions 5-10, 10-20, 5-20, 20-40, 40-70

-     crushed stone and sand mixes, and

-     stone dust.

The crushed stone meets the highest national (DSTU) and foreign quality standards. The company's products have the highest indicators in terms of strength, abrasion resistance  and freeze-thaw resistance, while the content of flaky grains is only 15%. The grain distribution may be changed depending on customer requirements. The state-of-the-art equipment and process combined with qualified personnel allows the company to produce and sell the products of the highest quality.

PrJSC Bekhivsky Specialised Quarry is the winner of the regional stage of the Ukrainian quality contest in 2015. Its products are in demand among domestic and foreign customers.