Dmytro Khutko

Treasure Dept Economist
(2018 - present)

Position during Internship Programme: Junior Economist 
Started at CRH Ukraine: 31.07.2017
Education: Kharkiv National Automobile and Highway University. Economics of Enterprise.

Describe yourself in 5 words: Purposeful, kind, responsible, reserved, punctual.
Your hobby: Doing sports and studying English. 
Inspiring quotation: It’s only those who do nothing that make no mistakes. But doing nothing is the biggest mistake of all. 
Professional development means: Continuous process of development in professional activity and learning from more experienced colleagues. 
Three things you value in people: Faithfulness, kindness and fairness.
What motivates you in other people’s behaviour: The desire to move forward, being able not to be afraid to experiment and admit mistakes to prevent them in the future.
First thought of the Programme when you read the announcement or first heard/learnt the information: Interest, notes of doubt and anticipation of a great opportunity for both professional and personal development.
What can stop graduates submitting their applications: Indecision, fear of leaving the comfort zone.
Describe the Programme in 3 adjectives and 3 nouns: A big challenge, New horizons, A great choice.
2 things you learnt about yourself during the Programme: I like working other than on schedule, I was right in the choice of profession. 
What was hard during the Programme: Having to relocate on a permanent basis, Combining studies and work.
What helped overcome difficulties: Support from my colleagues and friends. Success stories of other young specialists at the company.
Events that impressed most in the first half year of the Programme: Getting to know the scale of production of CRH Ukraine’s 3 plants.
Advice to yourself at the start of the Programme: Don’t put off till tomorrow.
Traits of character, behaviours that you developed owing to the Programme: Self-confidence, responsibility, perseverance. 
What would you like to develop in you over the next year: Business communication skills, and improve my English.
What helped you successfully complete the Programme and be offered a job at CRH Ukraine: Support from my colleagues. I am very grateful to my mentors, my supervisor and the teacher of English for their contribution to my professional development.